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Eco-Equestrian Workshop

Margriet Hofer

Colin's Horseback Africa is proud to be hosting the first International Eco-Equestrian Training Workshop. This 5 day workshop will be focused around natural horsemanship in the true sense of the word. Not only will you get the knowledge and experience from internationally recognized trainers, but you'll also learn about feeding & nutrition, communication with your horse and also some riding aspects. All of this will be in the done in the wonderful African atmosphere of Colin's Horseback Africa Game Reserve. This training workshop is design to increase your knowledge of your horse, enhance your relationship with your horse and ultimately create a better understanding between you and your horse.

  • Transform your horse through Natural Horsemanship.
  • Connect and bond for life with your horse.
  • Learn more about horse psychology.
  • Become a Master Horseman.
  • Horsemanship in the wild setting of a Private Game Reserve.

International Eco-Equestrian Workshop

Workshop Details

Venue: Colin's Horseback Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

Cost: R10 000 per person. Cost includes course fees, accommodation and daily meals.

Workshop dates:  

Arrival on the 11th February 2020,
workshop starts on the 12th – 16 February 2020

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NOTE: This is a highly competitive workshop so seats are limited.
      Don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime !

What does this include ?

The package includes:

  • Accommodation in dormitories and tents for 5 nights and 6 days on our Private Game Reserve.
  • Guided Horseback Safari, Earlybird rides and Sunset rides  through our beautiful Private Game Reserve.
  • Guided Walk-with-Lions tour.
  • Sessions with each of our facilitators.
  • Transfers to and from the Airport
  • All Meals.

International Facilitators:

Esther Klok

Esther Klok, Netherlands
Veterinary Technician

As a vet-tech, Esther Klok has 25 years of experience working with small animals and horses. For the past 15 years she has also been training vets and vet-techs in their practices by speaking at national and international conferences which led her, in 2008, to receiving the award of ‘Vet-Tech of the Year’. She has also written articles and supplied photographs for International veterinary magazines. Aside from her career, Esther has been riding horses since she was 7 years old. When her boyfriend, Rudolf started with carriage driving, she decided to step on the back as a groom. With the knowledge obtained from the combination of her work and sport, Esther has also started coaching people with regards to feeding, supplements and training of sport horses. She has also started a coaching program and offering lectures in Finland. The Onderstepoort Veterinary Hospital has also invited Esther to do seminars in South Africa concentrating on lectures including the "Fear Free" concept. Fear Free's mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.

Hayley Needham

Hayley Jade Needham, Cape Town, South Africa
Liberty Horse Trainer

Hayley has a background in dressage but loves the freedom and expressiveness that Liberty brings out in horses. This love of Liberty work led her to seek out training with some of the trainers from Cavalia, the biggest equine performance in the world. This and some of the knowledge gained from various mentors around the world, in combination with her holistic approach to equine mental and physical health using in-hand work, has led her to develop an approach to Liberty training that is effective, safe, healthy, and kind. It's also a lot of fun! The focus is on fostering a deep connection between the horse and human that is based on mutual respect. Hayley travels all over the country teaching workshops, and has also coached dressage and Liberty overseas, in Asia and Europe, as well as receiving dressage training in Portugal and the Netherlands.

Magriet Hofer

Margriet Hofer, Holland
Classical Dressage Trainer

Margriet has had a love for horses and horse riding since she was 7 years old. She has trained many horses in dressage and has complete up to Z Level. In 2006 she acquainted herself with Birger Gieseke who was the first Parelli teacher in Europe and a Western European Champion himself. Here she learnt about Horsemanship in the true sense of the word and where she learnt about the EQS “horsemap”. This enabled her to modify the habits and behaviours of horses and more importantly the underlying mental and emotional qualities. With this skill, she could resolve problems, and teach horses new behaviour by addressing the roots and not by a few tips and tricks. Margriet is a licensed trainer of EQS since 2012 and has been teaching beginners and more experience horses and riders in all the horseman savvy's. (Freestyle, Liberty, Online and Finesse.) Her teaching stretches from Germany, Holland, UK and all the way to Australia. She has been further developing herself by doing courses since 2006 by some of the best horsemanship trainers, namely Honza, Tony Lander, Linda Davey's, Sabine Moses, and Phillipe Karl. In 2012, Margriet enrolled in the classical dressage teacher training program from Ecole de Légèreté. (School of Lightness) In 2019, she became 1 of only 70 teachers in this classical dressage education which has its roots in the French riding school and is under the auspice of Unesco. Since 2012 she also enrolled in the classical dressage teacher training program from Ecole the Legerete. This is a classical dressage education that has in roots in the french riding school and falls under Unesco.