Horses Safari - Crossing Water

General Information
Parkruns and (not)parkruns are completely free to everybody. It is a community event where participants may either walk, trot, run, volunteer or spectate. The run is exactly 5KM long and can be done even with a pram! The (not)parkrun is an event where people get together to enjoy a positive, welcoming experience where there is no time limit and no one finishes last, except the Tail-runner!

Horses in Nature

Horseback Africa is the ideal location for your (not) parkrun, where you can enjoy an absolutely FREE run or walk, because it is the closest “far-away” place, located a mere half an hour’s drive from Pretoria.

You are likely to see some very unusual spectators such as giraffe, kudus, blesbok and other wild animals. Please respect the animals and do not scare them in any way. Because there are animals around whilst running, the runners may not bring dogs to this particular venue.

Saturday mornings are the favourite day of the week. Sunday mornings are reserved for the Parktrot, which is a mounted activity. Should you wish to come on a Sunday, then you would need to wait until the horse riders are finished on the track. Nothing will stop the enthusiasts – not even the rain!!

Horses Safari with Giraffe


  • Enjoy our beautiful country “in the wild” running in a game reserve. 
  • Enhance your health and happiness in the great outdoors. 
  • Make new friends whilst improving your fitness level. 
  • Participants are welcome to make use of the Wild Horse Restaurant for a delicious breakfast or maybe just a coffee and cake! Please make a forward booking should you wish to enjoy the services offered by the restaurant.

Please complete the Indemnity form and send a scanned copy back to Colin’s Horseback Africa via email.

Remember to register online on the parkrun website so that you have a barcode, should you wish to record your run with parkrun. On completion of your run, you can then register the time it took you to do it with parkrun. Be part of our Horseback Africa (not)parkrun community.

  • Please do not deviate from the marked (not)parkrun route.
  • Please park your vehicle in the marked parking areas.
  • Please do not drive around the game reserve, instead enter and exit the park via the main entrance.
  • Upon completion of the (not)parkrun, please do not leave the lodge gardens and reception area, unless you have booked in for a particular activity offered by the lodge or you have booked in to the lodge and are thus a resident.
  • No dogs allowed.

What about Covid?.
Now during the Covid period, you are still welcome to do the (not)parkrun in small groups in this vast open space. You are welcome to come and enjoy this beautiful track at your own leisure.