Do you love to travel? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Would you like to combine your vacation with a life and perspective-altering experience? If so, voluntourism may be for you.

"Voluntourism" combines the best intentions of the non-profit sector with the excitement of the tourism sector to create stimulating, service-oriented vacations. Voluntourists are individuals interested in learning about foreign countries and people by working and living in communities in developing nations.

Voluntourism is becoming a popular vacation option. A Travelocity poll taken in December 2008 found that 38 per cent of the 1,000 respondents had added volunteering to their 2007 vacation planning options. Meanwhile, Travel Industry of America statistics indicate that 55 million had volunteered during a trip and more than twice that number have plans to do so in the near future.

Voluntourism is more than simply an alternative vacation option. Voluntourists embark on trips to serve, to learn and help others. They return with new perspectives, understandings and a lifetime of memories.


Voluntourism advantages for the individual voluntourist:


  • Participating in meaningful service and having a deep impact on conservation of wildlife.
  • Developing new skills through service or using ones you already have in service.
  • Interacting within a working environment with locals you would never meet in a hotel or at touristy places, such as the staff at Colin's Horseback Africa.
  • Experiencing the “behind-the-scenes” activities at Colin’s Horseback Africa, which you would never see on a typical lion tour or horse-riding safari.
  • Creating friendships that last a lifetime
  • Achieving true satisfaction from participating in a self-enriching experience.



2 weeks \ 4 weeks



Throughout the year. (Except 25th and 26th December)


Deposit due with the online booking, balance due upon arrival.

Colin's Horseback Africa is an acclaimed organization that has hosted over 10 000 international guests at the 3 star lodge. We have now initiated a responsible and ethical voluntourism project in South Africa where one can interact closely with lions, serval, horses and other animals. Colin's Horseback Africa conducts a predator conservation and monitoring project which focuses on lions and serval. This programme comprises caring for the predators (cleaning, feeding and assisting / observing veterinary activities); grooming and riding horses; and assisting with reception duties and helping in the restaurant. If the voluntourist is a competent horse rider, then he/she will be able to help as assistant guide on safari. If the voluntourist is a competent horse trainer, he/she will be training horses as well.

Our commitment is to provide both the community and voluntourist with a mutually benefiting experience, which is transparent, sustainable, ethical and above all responsible.

Applicants need to be of good health and need to be fairly fit.