Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Once you fall in love with the African bush, it is hard to imagine getting married anywhere else. Colin’s Horseback Africa is the best choice for an intimate and personal wedding for a couple who love horses and lions. The emphasis is on authentic values of eternal love, family and friendship and things that really matter in life, instead of “putting on a show”.

The décor is harvested from nature itself as a token of everlasting affection between two people. The bride will have the opportunity to express herself in the most natural way and will have the opportunity to be completely involved in the making of her own very special day. The groom will not have to “put on airs”  to impress his friends as he can just be himself. This is genuinely the place for the free-spirited couple. This lodge will also cater for traditional weddings organised hand-in-hand with the couple themselves.

The garden ceremonies usually take place on the lawn in front of the lodge. There is also an opportunity to enter into the ceremony with a horse-drawn carriage. Should it be a rainy day, the ceremony will be moved to the large rustic barn with the tractor, wooden ladders and paraffin lamps as a backdrop.

Use the KISS principle – Keep ISimple Simon.

Proximity : The lodge is situated within the “golden 100 km radius” of both Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Cost : A wedding at this beautiful lodge will not put you out of pocket for the rest of your married life!

Number of guests : We can cater for between 20 and 50 guests - keep it personal and intimate.

Cuisine : The Wild Horse Restaurant has a wonderful menu to choose from for your very special guests. 



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