Rock climbing is one of the most adventurous sports which give an adrenaline rush like never before. People find solace and pleasure in this activity. Furthermore, it is also a great activity to rejuvenate oneself. Climbing can be hard, but it’s the most rewarding thing many of us have ever done. It takes one to a place of incredible beauty, and it challenges one to find untapped reserves of strength and resourcefulness.

For proficient climbers only

The rock climbing at Horseback Africa is reserved only for guests who are proficient climbers and preferably associated with a recognised climbing association anywhere in the world. This activity is also only for people who are booked into the accommodation on the game reserve. The African Lodge and the Meerkat Manor are the more exclusive accommodations, while The Chuckle’s Cove camp site is for the more adventurous people who want to be really close to nature.

This beautiful reserve offers sports climbing and top-rope climbing on a conglomerate cliff face – the best in Gauteng. 

This location also has access to trad climbing on the highest cliffs within the Gauteng province at a waterfall nearby. 

Climbers must bring all own equipment.

Conservation Climbing Permit

When climbing on the cliffs within the reserve and on the higher cliffs nearby, one must buy a Conservation Climbing Permit at reception of R35. This allows for only 10 climbers at any one point in time, which makes it exclusive.